In our Cloud-SPAN community we encourage everyone to come together to find solutions to problems and exchange experiences and knowledge. Our aim is to build a friendly and involved community of people who have used our resources, are interested in our resources, or who have expertise in the areas we cover. Ways to contribute include attending one of our courses, asking/answering questions on our community forum and making suggestions for improvements to our courses.


Check out our latest blogs and keep yourself up to date with our upcoming activities. We strongly encourage you to engage with the Cloud-SPAN community to enhance your learning and understanding.


This handbook is intended as a reference for both the core Cloud-SPAN team and for our wider community of learners. It’s where you’ll find our Code of Conduct, contributing guidelines and other practical information which will help you make the most of our resources in a friendly, understanding environment.


Our goal is to make our resources as FAIR (Findable, Accessible, Interoperable and Reusable) as possible. Read about the ethical values underlying the FAIR principles via the FAIR Cookbook from FAIRplus.


The Cloud-SPAN forum is a place to ask questions, pick people’s brains and share any insights you’ve gained during or after one of our courses. It will be the main hub of the Cloud-SPAN community of practice. We strongly encourage you to engage with the Cloud-SPAN community to enhance your learning and understanding.

Code Retreat

A Code Retreat brings small communities of practice together to explore, learn and grow. We invite all Cloud-SPAN Genomics Alumni to this free and supported half day event for you to focus in small groups on the skills covered in the Cloud-SPAN Genomics course away from the normal pressures of the office

Cloud-SPAN Genomics Alumni join us for a Code Retreat!

The next Code Retreat will take place at the University of York at 10:00-14:30 on the 6th July . Our instructors will be on hand to help you problem-solve the issues that arise as you work. Lunch will be provided and funding is available to support travel to the Code Retreat.

Genomics Alumni contact to register and invitations will be distributed shortly.

What could you achieve?

  • Working with your peers and with help from our instructors, you could:

  • Revise our Prenomics or Genomics courses

  • Get help organising and documenting your own analysis

  • Apply tools taught in Genomics to your own data

  • Get help with Creating your own Amazon Web Services instance for Genomics

  • Network with other genomics researchers


  • Attendees should have completed the Genomics course

  • Attendees will need to bring their own laptop to this event