Cloud-based High Performance Computing for
SPecialised ANalyses on environmental 'omics

Cloud-SPAN trains researchers, and the research software engineers that support them, to run specialised analyses on cloud-based high-performance computing (HPC) infrastructure. Cloud-SPAN is developing highly accessible resources which integrate with existing Carpentries courses.

We offer Diversity Scholarships to cover travel and/or childcare to enable members of underrepresented groups to participate in online or in-person training.

Challenges in Environmental 'Omics

Software installation for data analysis is complex and involves multiple dependencies.

HPC architectures vary between institutions and accessibility is a lottery.

Metagenomic analyses involve large datasets and take a long time to run.

Big data 'omics analyses using HPC are not core skills for researchers and have a steep learning curve.

Our Solution

We use cloud-based containerised instances with pre-installed software which are scalable and easy to access.

We deliver high quality training with a low barrier to participation - absolutely zero previous experience needed!

Our Approach

We offer training in both self-study and workshop formats, with a mix of online and in-person teaching.

We are building a community of practice: a community of bioinformaticians who can support one another.

We are following open science principles and making our resources FAIR (findable, accessible, interoperable, reusable).

Cloud-SPAN is a collaboration between the University of York and The Software Sustainability Institute funded by the UKRI innovation scholars award. Project Reference: MR/V038680/1