We would like to ensure that the Cloud-SPAN learning resources are accessible to everybody interested in developing their research and computing skills. We offer Diversity Scholarships and Hardship Scholarships to cover travel, childcare or general costs related to participating in training events. Please note, that all of our training courses and events are offered free of charge. 


Diversity Scholarships

We offer Diversity Scholarships to enable members of underrepresented groups to participate in online- or in person training. It is still the case that women, members of the LGBTQ community, people with disabilities and those from ethnic-minorities or socially-disadvantaged groups are consistently underrepresented in research and HPC. 

To be eligible you must:

Hardship Scholarships

We offer Hardship Scholarships to people working, or intending to work in, the UK research and innovation community who are experiencing financial hardship and require financial assistance to participate in Cloud-SPAN training. 

You may be, for example: 

To be eligible you must:

How to apply 

Please submit the registration form for the activity that you would like to participate in and complete the scholarship section. You will need to include information regarding the following:

Allocation of funding 

Applications will be reviewed by the Cloud-SPAN committee, applicants will be notified of all decisions 10 days after after the submission deadline. Successful applicants will need to complete an expense form and provide receipts to receive the funding. 

What the scholarship does not cover:

The scholarship will be paid following the submission of expenses forms with receipts. 

View further details on the Criteria and allocation