Train with us


Cloud-SPAN has developed a range of resources to help train researchers to run specialised analyses on cloud-based high-performance computing infrastructure.  Cloud-SPAN courses enable you to undertake self-directed learning or have the opportunity to join an interactive workshop.  Information about our next workshops is given below.

We teach both Core Skills and Specialised Skills. Core skill modules allow those with less computational experience to feel more prepared for the Specialised Skills modules. They include understanding and navigating filesystems, using the command line for the first time, logging in to remote computers and first steps in the programming languages R and Python. We have included a Creating your own instance module as a Core Skill because it allows you to create the AWS account and 'instance' needed to self-study other modules if you are unable to attend scheduled workshops. 

All of our materials are made available to learners and instructors under the CC BY 4.0 license which means they are free for you to share and adapt provided you give attribution. There is a human-readable summary of the license. We hope that you find them useful whether you want to study them or teach them!

Modules on Creating your own instance, Prenomics and Core R have been developed to support the learning path onto the Specialised skills courses. You have the option of completing the learning materials following a self-study learning path or some of the modules are also available as an online workshop. 

Specialised Skills 

The Cloud-SPAN Code Retreats brings together Cloud-SPAN Genomics Alumni in a welcoming community and allows them to practice together, to explore, learn and grow. We invite all Cloud-SPAN Alumni to this free event for you to focus in small groups on the skills covered in the Cloud-SPAN courses away from the normal pressures of the office. The next Code Retreat will take place at 10:30-15:00 on 31 May 2023 at the University of York.

Genomics Alumni contact to register and invitations will be distributed shortly.

Cloud-SPAN is funded by the UKRI innovation scholars award. The training materials are intended for people working or intending to work in the UK research and innovation community. Unfortunately, if you are not based in the UK you will not be eligible to register.